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We Offer 2 Levels of Japanese Language Classes; Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.
In the beginning, you'll learn the basics, the verbs in Masu and Mashita forms i.e. present and past. In addition to numbers, nouns, verbs and grammatical contests. The first writing system will be taught i.e. the Hiragana simultaneously while the course is taught in Romanji (English Alphabets) Later, more verbs conjugations will be taught, for instance the te form, tai form and dictionary forms. You'll have to study the second writing system i.e. the Katakana for writing foreign words. The course also includes a bit of Kanji.

Sample Level 1 Programme:

Week 1
• The Japanese language: An Introduction  
• Words of Greeting/Basic Communication  
• How to introduce myself? (ex. Name, Nationality, occupation..etc)
• Asking Questions, Answering with Yes or no
• Identifying nouns with other nouns (using No の)
• Hiragana (1) : Main Vowels (a i u e o) + K Family ( ka ki ku ke ko)

Week 2
• Using the letter (De で) as a language identifier (ex. How to say such in this language)  
• Numbers  
• How to ask about prices of things
• Telling time and identifying time periods (Kara から/Madeまだ)  
• Nouns in Past Tense (Deshita/Dewaarimasendeshita)  
• Hiragana (2): S Family (sa shi su se so) + T Family (ta chi tsu te to)

Week 3
03 Apr 2018     
• Verbs (Masu verb and its other forms)
• Using the letter (O を) as an object identifier
• Using the letter (De で) as a location (of action) + tool identifier
• Using the letter (E へ) as a destination identifier  
• Using the letters (Ni に, Kara から,Madeまだ) as time identifiers
• Using the letters (To と & Ya や) as grouping identifiers and (Neね & Yoよ) as sharing information identifiers  
• Hiragana (3): N Family (na ni nu ne no) + H Family (ha hi fu he ho)

Week 4
• Verbs in Past Tense (Mashita/Masendeshita)  
• Invitation (Issho ni.. masen ka?)
• Have you already..? (mou.. ka?)
• Hiragana (4): M Family (ma mi mu me mo) + Y Family (ya yu yo)
• Hiragana Quiz

Week 5
• Adjectives (Na-Adjectives & I-Adjectives)
• Applications on nouns, verbs and adjectives  
• Hiragana (5): R Family (ra ri ru re ro), W Family (wa wo) & N (constant)  

• Special Adjectives (Suki, Kirai, Jyouzu, Heta)
• Hiragana (6): Extended Sounds (Tenten, Maru) , i-sound + Y-sound & small Tsu  

Week 7
• Verbs of Existence (Arimasu, Imasu)
• Identifying location of things (ex. Under the table, next to the hospital..et)
• Hiragana Quiz
• Introduction to Katakana   

Week 8
• Review on all lessons (Reading, Speaking & Writing)  
• Introduction to Kanji 

Sample Level 2 Programme

Week 1
• General Revision
• Family Tree (knowing how to address My and Your Family Members)
• Making Questions  
• Demonstrative Pronouns (Kore, Sore, Are…etc)

Week 2
• Verbs of Existence (Arimasu, Imasu)
• Identifying location of things (ex. Under the table, next to the hospital..et)
• Hiragana Practice Exercises  

Week 3
• Describing two actions at one time "While" (using nagara)
• Describing the purpose of an action (using the letter ni)
• Quiz 1

Week 4
• Verbs in Dictionary Form  
• Describing capability of doing something (Koto ga dekimasu)
• Describing actions in successions (using mae ni)
• Hiragana Practice Exercises
• Reading Exercise  

Week 5
• Verbs in Te-Form  
• Reading Exercise  
• Listening Exercise   
• Quiz 2

• Describing how to make a request (te-kudasai)   
• Using Te form to describe multiple actions

Week 7
• Using Te form to describe Permission (Te mo ii desu ka)  
• Using Te form to describe Prohibition (Te wa ikemasen)
• Quiz 3   
Week 8
• Using Te form to describe Reason (Te kara)
• Verbs in Tei- Form (used to describe continuity and condition)
• Hiragana Practice Exercises
• Listening & Speaking  Exercise 
Week 9
• Expressing Desire (Verbs in Tai form)
• Quiz 4
Week 10
• General Revision  
• Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking  Exercises

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