Our Story حكايتنا

לי: me (Hebrew)

ö for öğret: Teach (Turkish)

Teach me

я for Ya: I (Russian)

学ぶ Manabu: Learn (Japanese)

学习 for Xuéxí: Learn (Chinese)

I learn

Je: I (French)

ñ for enseñar: Teach (Spanish)

I teach

أ: First letter A for ANA: I (Arabic )

बोले Bole: Speak (Hindi)

I Speak

Our logo summarises our vision, mission and objectives. It represents a book, a graduation cap and a networked globe, linked together. The letters on the logo are derived from English, Spanish, Russian, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Urdo, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese and Turkish. The meaning of every letter or word is explained below the logo.

Moreover, the letters of our brand name; Tralecs are derived from the first letters of: Training, Travel, Translation, Technology, Learning, Languages, Education, Consultancy and Services.

Therefore, we strive to inspire both individuals and organisations to reach their ambitions through  affordable means, and this can't be done without education and training.

شعارنا يمثل رؤيتنا، وهو عبارة عن كتاب منقوش عليه حروف من مختلف لغات العالم ويعني علّمني، أنا أتعلم، أنا أعلّم، أنا أتكلم بالإضافة إلى قبعة تخرج، وكرة أرضية متصلة ببعضها عبر شبكات


اسمنا ترالكس حروفه مقتبسه من ت تدريب، ت تعليم تر ترجمة،  ا استشارات، ل لغات، ك للتكنولوجيا  ، س سفر


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