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Hindi Course 1

Join us and learn the language of 550 million speakers - twice a week. It’ll be held in Seef

Level1 Basics:

 Greetings and saying hello
 Who and how people are
 This and that; he, she and It
 Meeting Family and friends


Our Family
 Getting Familiar
 Getting formal


 In the room
 Questions; Where is it? On the table?
 At the school or  at home 


Chay pijie: have some tea
Giving orders and making requests
Telling, saying, speaking and asking  
 Routine events
 The days ahead  
Knowing each other  


Hindi Course 2

This level expects you to understand the basics and compound simple sentences in Hindi - A placement test or a previous course certificate is needed to enter.

Level 2 Basics

What do you want?   

What do you like, what do you want? 

Going shopping  Availability

Visitng a Hotel 

What work do you do?  

Possession and 'to have'  

Introducing others

There's nobody In the house  

 Let me go 

The past 

Getting specifics

 A shortcut   

Adding emphasis   

What's happening? 

Comparisons: bigger and smaller

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